Appling Co. students, staff return to school after student suffers gunshot wound

Appling County students, staff back at school after student suffers gunshot wound

APPLING COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Students and teachers are back at school after a student suffered a gunshot wound in a school bathroom Monday.

Tuesday’s school day certainly took on a different tone than normal. Appling County’s superintendent tells us they went back to help students and staff move forward in the face of something so sad. She says there was talk of cancelling school for several days, but being back seemed to be the best thing for students and staff.

“We had talked about the options on that and we were told the quicker you get back to routine, the better it is,” said Dr. Scarlett Copeland, Superintendent.

Copeland says the tragedy of a student suffering a gunshot wound will refresh discussion of safety measures like metal detectors. In the meantime, they’re trying to help students and teachers get through the shock of something like this happening on campus.

“We had counseling services on deck for students and teachers if they needed them,” Copeland said. “Not just school counselors, but also mental health.”

The superintendent says the counselors will be on site through the rest of the week. She also repeated her praise for law enforcement’s response in getting medical treatment to the student and also securing the campus to determine if there was any further threat.

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