City of Claxton approves police merger concept

Claxton, Hagan tabling idea of merged police departments

Cities of Claxton, Hagan possibly merging police departments

Claxton, GA (WTOC) -Two towns in Evans County are discussing merging their police departments.

The city of Claxton supports this merger, but there are a few more steps that need to take place before the two police departments can join together.

The cities of Claxton and Hagan sit side-by-side in Evans County. Earlier this year, the two police chiefs got together with both mayors and put together the plans for a merger. The plan was presented to Claxton’s City Council by Claxton’s Chief Dale Kirkland, and council approved the concept.

The merger would have Kirkland remain as chief and Hagan’s current chief, Andy Benjamin, would become the assistant chief.

Claxton Mayor Terry Branch says the merger would save the city of Hagan around $40,000 a year, and Claxton around $4,000.

“The purpose of it is to have two patrolmen on duty 24/7 to back each other up, because before, there were times we would only have one police officer on duty during a shift and the same way with them,” Branch said.

The city of Hagan will hold their public hearing next week. If they approve the concept, city attorneys will work on the legal agreements.

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