Toombs County kennel starts rebuilding after lightning strike burned it to the ground

Toombs County kennel rebuilding after fire

TOOMBS COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Tiffany’s Kennelsl in Toombs County is now trying to rebuild after it caught on fire when lightning struck the building in July. Twenty-two dogs and one cat died in the fire.

Tiffany Alexander said she lost all of her motivation after the fire. It impacted her life and a business that had been in her family for nearly 40 years.

“[I] Didn’t know what to do. [I] Didn’t know where to go from there. If I should pursue something else. Really and truly I wasn’t even considering for a while even going back to doing anything concerned with the animals, the kennel or anything,” Alexander said.

That all changed after a frequent customer called asking her to groom his dogs.

“He’s like my dogs stink. I need you to wash them. I was like okay well I can wash them but where? I don’t have a bathtub or a place to do that.”

The customer found Alexander a place to wash his dogs, and she starting thinking that maybe he wasn’t the only one needing her services. She talked with her husband about turning an old horse shelter behind their home into a grooming room. The room is still open to the outside, but it will eventually be closed in with heating and air. She also wants to add on more cages and fence in an area behind the room.

Alexander said owners who lost their pets have even been supportive.

“There were a few of them though that reached back. There were even the sweetest couple that came the very next day that lost a pet and brought me flowers. Like, I mean, that blows my mind,” she said.

For now, she is offering grooming and obedience training but hopes to add boarding back to her services. She says with the community support she can make that happen.

“Basically I’m just real grateful for the community. The ones who reached out and support me in this. It means a lot.”

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