Trial begins for woman charged in June 2016 murder in Savannah

Trial begins for woman charged in June 2016 murder in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Jurors heard opening statements Tuesday in the murder trial of Shanika Dunbar.

Dunbar is accused of shooting and killing Theron Robbins back in June of 2016.

It’s an unusual case, in part because even though she’s been charged with this serious crime, Dunbar has been out on bond since last May.

The victim’s mother told WTOC last year in an interview that she feels like the justice system failed her by letting bond even become an option for the woman accused of killing her son at the corner of East 33rd and Atlantic more than two years ago.

The explanation we got from the judge who granted Dunbar’s bond was an indictment wasn’t returned within 90 days, and Georgia law states if someone charged with a felony isn’t indicted within that time period, they’re automatically entitled to a bond. Dunbar’s bond was set at $50,000, with only a percentage of that needed to get out.

While out, she’s been barred from contact with certain family members and also from possessing a gun or being in a home with a gun.

During opening statements, Assistant District Attorney Christy Barker told jurors they’re going to hear testimony over the course of the trial that supports the malice and felony murder charges against Dunbar, that his murder was not justified. Shanika Dunbar’s lawyer, Robert Attridge, told the jury his client thought Theron Robbins, after a heated argument and confrontation at the corner of East 33rd and Atlantic, was going to pull a gun on her, and shot Robbins in self-defense.

The victim’s son, who witnessed his father being shot, testified Tuesday as well. Over the course of the trial, we’ll hear from those who called 911, as well as others present the day of Theron Robbins’ death.

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