Proud to be a Farmer: Different parts of world learning how to farm peanuts

South Georgia hosts Georgia Peanut Commission Tour

BROOKLET, GA (WTOC) - If you grow a better peanut, the world will beat a path to your door. That was evident last week as South Georgia hosted the Georgia Peanut Commission Tour.

Dhiraj Gondha isn’t snapping selfies behind the peanut combine. He and his family from India are studying.

“It’s very different from India. We have small farms. We have less produce,” he said.

“Small farms, more disease, good to see your equipment,” said Parry Kalavadia, India.

The same holds true for Newton Phiri of Zambia.

“I want to see how they’re doing it,” Phiri said.

The world has gathered at Lee Cromley’s field in Brooklet to learn from the Georgia experts who are producing 40 percent of America’s peanuts.

“Our farmers make it look easy. The sun shines, the rain falls, you harvest peanuts. Nothing’s further from the truth. A lot of hard work goes into growing the world’s best peanuts," said Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia.

One of the things that make peanuts worth the hard work is their nutritional value.

“Very nutritious, high protein content, high calorie content - good calories for nutrition to feed the people,” Kemerait said.

Parts of the world frequently faced with hunger are now better equipped to fight it, thanks to South Georgia’s peanut farmers.

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