Tim’s Take: Tiger Woods’ comback

Tim’s Take: Tiger Woods’ comback

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It wasn’t a good day for the United States at the Ryder Cup, but it has been a great week for golf.

Tiger Woods returning to the top of the game is bigger than any result that might come out of France this weekend.

Golf has moved on from the Tour Championship last week, but what happened there is the story of the season - Tiger Woods coming back to winning, to dominating the game’s landscape, to pulling golf along with him as he moves forward.

“We need him. Golf needs him, and he’s exciting to watch,” said Chris Thompson, Club at Savannah Harbor, Golf Professional.

With three times as many viewers watching Sunday as watched the same tournament a year ago, Tiger’s impact was as complete as his comeback, his ability to elevate golf’s stature once again evident.

“To see it happen and see the Tiger effect and be shouting at the TV with my roommate and jumping up and down when he makes the putt, it was something else,” said freshman golfer, Nicholas Covey, SCAD.

The SCAD Golf Team was among those moved by the moment.

“I know it got us on the team excited to come play.”

So were many others who went from in front of the TV to out on the course.

“It’s great for our business and it’s great for golf business in general.”

It’s great for golf that Tiger’s first win in five years, after extraordinary adversity, now has everyone wondering what’s next.

"Of course, that’s the big excitement. Everybody is talking about the Majors next year, and wondering if Tiger can once again take his comeback, and golf, to another level.

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