SCAD welcomes feedback for proposed dorm housing 700 students

Meeting held to discuss proposed rezoning for SCAD dorm

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah College of Art and Design will give the community the opportunity to hear more about their new dorm proposal on Victory Drive, which is expected to house close to 700 students.

The proposed building will be on Victory Drive between Montgomery Street and Barnard.

The Metro Planning Commission vote to rezone the entire block on Victory Drive is Oct 9.

The opinions at Wednesday night’s meeting will be across the board. Some are against it, but some are completely split down the middle.

George Freeman owns Kombative Academy right across the street from the proposed new residence hall. He thinks more security will be a given with more people, but still has some questions.

"I just want to find out what the major impacts are going to have on the community. You have a school that has done quite a few good things here for Savannah. They own about 70 properties here. What impact and possible influence do they have in the neighborhoods where they actually own buildings here,” Freeman said.

James Temple owns Vintage Woodworks and said he likes the proposal a lot. Temple said SCAD is successful and is revitalizing the area with safety improvements and business development.

“They hire lots of people to work from the community of course and to do the building, so it’s going back into the community," Temple said. "I would say in my opinion SCAD is just a good thing.”

We will have more information as the meeting wraps up Saturday evening.

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