Top Teacher: Drew Schwalbe, Benedictine Military School

Top Teacher: Drew Schwalbe

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Once a Cadet, always a Cadet. The bond is strong between graduates of Benedictine Military School in Savannah.

This week’s Top Teacher came back decades after graduating to help teach tomorrow’s future leaders.

“BC is my home. I am a graduate of Benedictine. To come here and to serve is just fantastic,” said teacher, Drew Schwalbe, Benedictine Military School.

Schwalbe graduated from BC in 1990, but he’s only in his second year of teaching after spending the last 20 in the engineering world.

"Felt a nudge to do something greater, so this is my second year, and this is a tremendous opportunity, he said. “Just so thankful the Lord has blessed me with an opportunity to be here with these young men every day. I am constantly amazed at the things they can do; the challenges they rise to.”

Schwalbe teachers Honors Physics, Engineering, and he’s involved in the Robotics Team.

“I get from a lot of students, ‘when will I ever do this,’ and I can say ‘this is exactly when you can do this,' so it’s been nice to have some experience on both sides,” he said.

“I can tell from Drew that he is willing and able to step up to the occasion and willing to try something new, which is what every good educator has built in them,” said Principal, Jacob Horne.

He’s building on the foundation at Benedictine that others laid before him.

“BC is a special place. It’s a brotherhood. Coach Tony Orsini had a tremendous impact on me when I was here, and to see him as a colleague and friend, I know I can lean on him, lean on the others, or any department for help. It’s been wonderful."

Schwalbe also coaches baseball and helped to develop the Robotics Team. He’s very proud of the fact that they were a finalist in their very first state meet.

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