Bluffton Police announce new training class to survive active shooter

Bluffton police chief offering active shooter training

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - The town’s new police chief is offering a new class to residents that could prove to be a life saver. Friday, the department announced plans to hold training classes for the public on how to survive an active shooter.

It's important to note - the class will not be about police tactics or how to respond to active shooters. It is about surviving from the time a shooting starts to when first responders get there.

Chief Chris Chapmond plans to teach the class to each school in Bluffton by the end of the month.

The training class is now available to businesses, churches, schools, and any organizations that think this class would be helpful, can call the department. The class is free.

The chief said this is a class you teach, hoping the training never comes in handy, but it’s extremely valuable. As it’s been proven over the last several years, these types of cases can happen anywhere.

"The more we can prepare our citizens to deal with those type issues, the better off we'll be. If we can save a single life, if we can educate somebody how to avoid an active shooter and it saves a single life, we've proved our worth," said Bluffton police chief Chris Chapmond.

Chapmond has been on the job about six weeks. To sign up for the class, contact Joy Nelson at 843-706-4542 or

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