City of Florence mourning officer lost in ‘most tragic event’

Florence police officer Terrence Carroway was killed in a mass shooting in Florence County....
Florence police officer Terrence Carroway was killed in a mass shooting in Florence County. (Source: Facebook)
Published: Oct. 5, 2018 at 5:37 AM EDT
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FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – Two of the Florence police officers injured in Wednesday’s deadly officer-involved shooting have been released from the hospital, according to Florence city officials.

During a Thursday afternoon press conference, Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela confirmed that two of the city’s officers had been released after being treated for their wounds. A third remains hospitalized, he added.

The city of Florence and the Florence Police Department, along with many surrounding communities are remembering Sgt. Terrence Carraway. During the press conference Florence Police Chief Allen Heidler explained how officers put their badges on every day with the thought they will return home. Carraway did not Wednesday evening.

Carraway died in the shooting at a home in Vintage Place off Hoffmeyer Road in Florence while a search warrant was being served. In addition to the Florence officers, three deputies with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office were injured.

“This is the most tragic event to occur in my 35 years at the Florence Police Department, to see in this area,” said Heidler, who worked alongside Carraway for his entire career.

(WMBF News.)

Carraway would have celebrated 31 years of service at the FPD the end of October. His determination and courage were all on display the night Heidler’s officers offered mutual aid during the shooting.

“It’s my understanding they didn’t know the level of firepower they were going into. However, I can tell you when an officer is taking fire, they will do everything they can to get to that officer and to get to the citizens who are in the cross fire, to rescue them and to save them and protect them,” the chief said.

Heidler asked people to bear with him during this emotional time. He said he was with Carraway’s family in Darlington the night of the shooting and he was going to spend time with them again.

The cheif said serving in the line of duty in the community of Florence was Carraway’s life and passion, but that wasn’t all.

“He had a passion for kids and I think that’s what stuck out to me more than anything else is his passion to see kids in impoverished areas have an opportunity to do things that maybe they’d never have to do," said Heidler.

A life-long friend of Carraway’s resonated the same testament. Chevron Scott explained how his dear friend was was more than a police officer, but a public servant, a mentor and a dear friend, especially when he lost his own brother.

“Whenever you lose someone, you’re just distraught and he came to me and he’s a big guy and he grabbed me and just said, ‘You still have a big brother,' and he’s always been that guardian, that big brother type," Scott said. "He has affected so many young people’s lives for the better. I read one story where a kid said he didn’t have a father figure and Terrence was there and when he couldn’t get to practice, Coach Terrence would pick him up and get him to practice, and those are the things I want him to remember about him.”

Wukela said that a public viewing for Carraway will be held on Monday, Oct. 8, at the Florence Center, located at 3300 W. Radio Drive, from 9 to 11 a.m. A memorial service will follow at 12 p.m.

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