Proud to be a Farmer: Genell Poppell

Proud to be a Farmer: Genell Poppell

ODUM, GA (WTOC) - Poppell Farms is famous around the state for the maze they create each year.

2018 salutes the surging Georgia Bulldogs, but beneath that intricate image beats the heart of a real working farm.

Genell Poppell has two selling seasons on his farm in Odum, GA.

“During the springtime, we grow and sell fresh vegetables like peas and butter beans, tomatoes, sweet corn, watermelon," Poppell said. “Then, during the fall of the year, we sell fun and good family entertainment.”

Poppell and his bride Tanya started farming the land in 1988. At the suggestion of a friend, they created a corn maze in 2007.

“You have to do something on the side.”

Hay rides, a pumpkin patch, and farm-related fun have grown up around the maze and now draw 35,000 tourists a year to a town of just over 500. Along the way, Genell says they’ve opened plenty of eyes.

“There’s a lot of these children that have never been to a farm before, never seen an animal before, they’ve never seen a pumpkin patch before, and you get enjoyment out of seeing them enjoy what you have,” Poppell said.

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