Good News: Leopold’s employees

Good News: Leopold’s employees

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - You never need an extra reason to have ice cream, but now there is one at Leopold’s in Savannah. Actually, there are three.

There’s a job description for what Andrew Ashway does at Leopold’s, but it’s harder to measure the impact Andrew, Julius Mitchell, and Javon Kelly have had on Savannah’s famous ice cream shop.

“To have someone like that who comes to work excited to be at work, wanting to be here, just gets the entire staff so excited about having them around and being here,” said Stratton Leopold, Owner, Leopold’s Ice Cream. “It’s a wonderful thing for everyone.”

All three staff members came to Leopold’s through Employability - the non-profit organization that prepares adults with developmental disabilities for employment and community integration. They bring with them an enthusiasm to be at work that matches the excitement of people about to enjoy ice cream.

“The customers always love my enthusiasm and I have a smile and I come to work with a good attitude,” said Julius Mitchell, who has worked at Leopold’s for a year.

“I take care of the people when it gets crazy, give them water, give them menus, and make sure the dining room is neat and nice,” said Andrew Ashley. “I make them feel at home because Leopold’s has given me so much support and I’m happy to be here.”

Julius and Andrew greet customers, and Javon works in the back of the shop as a dishwasher, but brings the same positive attitude to the whole place.

“I like to work hard, I like to have a pretty smile on my face,” Javon Kelly said. “I like to tell everybody how I’m doing, keep it moving. My mama, she’s so proud of me because I always do a good job at Leopold’s and she always comes by to check on me, see how I’m doing and I say I’m doing good, just working hard.”

That is as evident to their boss as it is to Leopold’s customers.

“They’re such a positive influence on the rest of our staff and on our company, so we’re just excited about it. I suggest everyone, every employer, to Employability. They are great.”

Likewise, Employability has joined the reasons to go to Leopold’s.

“Great ice cream, great atmosphere, great employees."

Employability will hold “Flourish” - an inaugural garden party fundraiser Thursday at their facility on Eisenhower Drive. There is a contingency plan to move inside if necessary because of the weather.

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