What to know for Hurricane Michael: Q&A with the First Alert Weather Team

What to know for Hurricane Michael: Q&A with the First Alert Weather Team

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - These are the most asked questions from viewers across the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry:

Should residents expect storm surge?

Chief Meteorologist Dave Turley: “We do not expect a storm surge but tides are running high and Michael’s influence could elevate tides to produce some coastal flooding during high tide cycles.”

What are the chances Michael takes a more westward track (away from Savannah)?

Chief Meteorologist Dave Turley: “There is still some question on the exact track of Michael and a slightly westward forecast track can’t be ruled out.”

How much rain will our area receive?

Chief Meteorologist Dave Turley: “Rain totals will be highly dependent on the exact track of Michael. Current thinking is 1 to 4 inches with locally higher amounts possible.”

What kind of winds will Michael bring into our area?

Chief Meteorologist Dave Turley: “Wind gusts 30-50mph are possible especially further inland closer to the center of the storm.”

Are schools closing?

WTOC Digital Team: All area school closure information will be posted here.

Will there be a mandatory evacuation?

Chief Meteorologist Dave Turley: “As a general rule, you run from the water(surge) and hide from the wind. In the end. it is up to the local officials.”

What’s the timing of this storm?

Chief Meteorologist Dave Turley: “Timing will be late Wednesday into Thursday afternoon.”

Can you compare this storm to Hurricane Matthew or Hermine?

Chief Meteorologist Dave Turley: “Every storm is different but the track would be very similar to Hermine.”

What should I have in my supply kit to be prepared?

WTOC Digital Team: We have a full story with tips and tricks for hurricane preparedness. Viewers can read that here. In a worst case scenario, people should prepare to be without power for several days. The basics include nonperishable food items like granola bars, bottled water, dried fruits and meats, crackers and peanut butter. Additionally, individuals with specific medication needs should take care of prescriptions in advance. Other useful items include: a NOAA weather radio, batteries, flashlights, a cooler with ice, and, of course, the WTOC First Alert Weather App.

What’s my individual forecast?

Chief Meteorologist Dave Turley: “ Your individual forecast is still highly dependent on the track of the storm, but I would plan on scattered locally heavy rain and wind gusts to 50mph. The best way to get the latest information is by downloading the WTOC First Alert Weather App and turning on the alerts. You can also get great information on our Hurricane Center Page at WTOC.com.”

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