Chatham Emergency Services preps for Michael

Chatham Emergency Services preps for Michael
(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Storm preparation started several days ago for Chatham Emergency Services, and resources are being spread around the county so they’re ready to respond to any emergencies that might come up.

They’re making sure gear like chainsaws are ready, and filling fuel tanks and generators just in case power goes out.

Chatham Emergency Services also stocks up on food, cots, and batteries for their staff, with extra employees being called in to help handle service over the next few days.

CES will also stage extra ambulance crews around the County, places like Skidaway Island, as well as firefighters to help with coverage as well.

Chatham Emergency Services CEO says his agency is taking the storm threat very seriously, and will do whatever they can to make sure they’re answering the call if needed.

“The thing I’m concerned about, and we got a taste of it yesterday afternoon...nobody’s left. Everybody’s still here. So it’s not going to be like Matthew and Irma when people evacuated. We expect that we’re going to be much busier in the next couple of days than we were in those storms. Because it didn’t get busy until people came back from evacuating," said Chuck Kearns, CES CEO.

One interesting point that Kearns brought up was that ambulances aren’t supposed to be on the road when winds reach a level of 39 mile-per-hour sustained winds or greater gusts. He said what they’ve had to do in years past with storms like Matthew and Irma, is send paramedics to emergencies in SUV’s and pickup trucks.

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