Michael does minimal damage to southeast Georgia crops

Michael does minimal damage to southeast Georgia crops

EVANS CO., GA. (WTOC) - Agriculture is huge in the state of Georgia, especially this time of year. Hurricane Michael damaged and even ruined many crops across the state but local farmers in southeast Georgia were quick to take precautions to minimize crop loss.

Local farmers set out before the storm to harvest as many crops as they could. They knew from past experiences rain and wind don’t mix well for harvest season.

“We tried to harvest," said Farmer Del Beasley. "It started raining on Sunday afternoon. We were trying to get all we could ahead of this storm and Sunday afternoon it started raining and it cut our harvest off early.”

Beasley and others started tabling ideas about spraying the crops and what the next step should be.

“We stopped spraying our crop thinking the leaves on the cotton crop would help hold part of the cotton on, the one that was already defoliated” Beasley said.

The same thought process was put into place from pecan trees. Beasley and his crew mowed the grass ahead of time to make sure it wouldn’t hinder the clean up after wards. The wind caused many green pecans to fall to the ground. They aren’t mature enough to use and now will be a problem when harvesting the rest.

“What do we do?" asked Beasley. "Do we grind them all up? Do we run them through a cleaner? It’s just an extra step.”

Beasley says he didn’t lose as much as he has in the past but every little bit adds up.

“We probably lost 100 pounds per acre on our cotton. Probably 150, 200 pounds an acre on our peanuts, I mean pecans.”

He says our area is blessed to only have minimal damage. Farmers in west Georgia weren’t as lucky.

“It’s like being in a race and having a wreck," he said. "You got to stop and kind of start over again and reboot. We probably lost a week which is huge during harvest.”

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