Power crews hard at work fixing outages

Crews working to restore power in GA, SC

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - There are still tens of thousands of people without power in Georgia and South Carolina. The damage to the power grid is historic according to the Georgia EMC.

Keep in mind, these numbers are just Georgia Power, but they had about 35,000 people out at the peak of the storm in the Southeast Georgia region. At last check, around 7:00 Thursday evening, they’ve been able to knock that down to just under 10,000.

Michael roared ashore on Florida as a powerful Category 4 hurricane. It maintained a lot of its strength heading into southwest Georgia, slamming the area with wind gusts over 100 miles an hour. Luckily for us, as it crossed the Coastal Empire, much of the wrath of Michael was to our west.

“It could’ve been a lot worse because Matthew was really horrible for us. We didn’t lose our power at all,” said Garden City resident, Rhonda Scott.

That’s not to say power crews haven’t been busy fixing isolated outages and clearing debris from the lines. A neighborhood in Garden City is just one affected area.

“The last couple years when we’ve had storms, we’ve had power outages for a lot longer. We’ve had trees fall across from the street into my yard. It wasn’t that bad. It could’ve been a whole lot worse,” said another resident, William Register.

That's the mood from many in our area - thankful but with mixed feelings. The memories of Matthew and Irma are fresh on people's minds.

“We recall what that was like from Matthew and Irma. We’re feeling for those people now in those communities that have damage,” Anne Rowland said.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who’s impacted by this, but certainly, we were fortunate in our area that it didn’t hit us,” said Georgia’s first district Representative Buddy Carter. “We were also lucky but also well-prepared.”

Trees fell on power lines across coastal Georgia Wednesday into Thursday as Michael roared through
Trees fell on power lines across coastal Georgia Wednesday into Thursday as Michael roared through (Source: WTOC)

We did see some strong gusts of wind and heavy rain in some areas. However, there are a lot of thankful people in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

“All we had were some minor limbs down, and we’ve already gotten those picked up so we’re very blessed,” Rowland said.

“As far as places like the panhandle, Southwest Georgia, there are a lot of people out of power and without a home right now. That’s a hard thing to watch,” Register said.

The Georgia EMC said the damage to the power grid in Southwest Georgia is unlike anything we’ve seen in Georgia in decades. There is a long road to recovery for those storm victims.

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