Truck crashes into Senior Citizens, Inc. on Bull Street

Truck crashes into Senior Citizens center

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -A Savannah non-profit that cares for and provides services for seniors suffered a huge set back on Wednesday night.

When the president of Senior Citizens, Inc. got the call from police about damage to one of their buildings, this was the last thing that she was expecting to see.

“Normally this is a place filled with laughter and dancing and music," said Patti Lyons, Persident of Senior Citizens, Inc. "And instead we had to call them and say it wasn’t Hurricane Michael that took us down, it was a Ford Expedition.”

The Ruth Byck Adult Day Health center has been a place for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s or recovering from a stroke to go during the day if they can’t stay home by themselves.

“We called them this morning to let them know what happened, and they are scrambling for today," Lyons said. "We are going to open tomorrow in a temporary location, and we are in the process now of trying to figure out how long it’s going to take for repairs to be made.”

That home away from home was taken away last night by what Lyons says was a drunk driver, trying to avoid police, instead careening off the road coming down Barnard Street and slamming into the building.

The driver ran off, and police are still looking for that person while staff at SCI are now left to deal with the mess left behind.

“Insurance can’t bring back the things that made this a home away from home,” said Lyons. “So for us it’s just like losing a loved one, and this place is been a part of people’s lives for more than 40 years.”

For anyone watching, wanting to help out, she says volunteers are always welcome, even if it’s just to help replant the garden that was also destroyed by the SUV’s driver. Click here to contact the center.

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