Last two hurricane seasons helped better prepare Coastal Empire for Michael

Last two hurricane seasons helped better prepare Coastal Empire for Michael

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Parts of Florida and the East Coast are still dealing with fall out from Hurricane Matthew, but in our area, the storm came and went rather quietly.

Thankfully, we were lucky again, but this time, it was equally important to be good.

“I think it’s really exciting that people are taking their preparedness into their own hands rather than waiting for someone to say, 'you have to do this,” said Chelsea Sawyer, CEMA Emergency Management Specialist.

Judging from the comments before Tropical Storm Michael - and even during its limited impact in the Coastal Empire - people seemed more willing to react to this storm, and more aware of the advance warnings as it approached.

We can probably thank Matthew and Irma for the attention paid to Michael.

The last two hurricane seasons seem to have changed the thinking about major storms in Savannah - the area actually getting hit for the first time in a generation - shifting blind confidence in local myths closer to concern about what really could happen.

“I moved here in 2015, and one of the first things I heard was 'you don’t have to worry about - the way that the coast is shaped - you don’t have to worry about it - and three weeks after I started, we had Hurricane Matthew."

Three years after Matthew, Savannah has a greater appreciation for possibility, impact, and preparation when it comes to hurricanes.

“I think the biggest thing is people are engaged, they’re showing up. We’ve had three large events and people are excited about it. They’re talking about generators, they’re talking about things that they can do, but I think one of the biggest things we like to push is, it only takes one storm and we need to be ready every time," Sawyer said.

Lucky is good - but prepared *and* lucky is better.

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