Pecan farmers cleaning up debris from Hurricane Michael

Pecan farmers cleaning up debris from Michael

TATTNALL COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - As Hurricane Michael made its way through Georgia, it took out many crops with it.

Many farmers in our area were concerned about Hurricane Michael and the wind and rain it could have brought with it, especially pecan farmers because they are going into harvest time. They’ve been picking up limbs and debris knocked down from their trees. The bad weather wasn’t ideal for them this time of year, but they have had much worse storms in the past two years.

Right now, it’s too early to tell how much was lost, but farmers say our area didn’t see the worst of the storm like areas in Southwest Georgia did. Unlike cotton, peanuts, and other crops that can be regrown each year, pecan trees take lifetimes to grow. Farmers say losing a few limbs and young nuts falling from the trees isn’t great, but at least they haven’t lose entire trees with this storm.

“We’ll lose some to cleaning up and getting things back together like we want them to be for harvest,” said pecan farmer, Kyle Durrence. “Some were just prematurely just knocked out and won’t be any good either, and so that’s the main thing. Just trying to get the orchards cleaned back up you’re going to lose some and just knocking them off before it’s time.”

Pecan and other farmers all say they feel extremely blessed after only receiving a little bit of bad weather.

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