30 percent of people still without power in Montgomery County

30 percent of people still without power in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Montgomery County is still recovering from Hurricane Michael.

Power companies are also still working to restore power. Montgomery EMA tells us as of Friday, there are still about 30 percent of people who are without power. Some are unable to stay in their homes because of tree damage or power outages.

“Hurricane Michael, so uh, maybe we won’t have no more of him for a long time,” said Michael Conner.

Conner says he just rode the storm out.

“The house we are at now, a big pine tree went through the middle of their house. We were glad there were no deaths or injuries or anything like that.”

Some people had trees to fall in their back yards and some even on houses. Now, it’s just a matter of cleaning everything back up and getting back to normal.

“Our road crews and our fire departments have gone through and removed all the trees from the roadways. The roads are open,” said Donnie Daniels, Montgomery EMA, Director.

Daniels says even he is waiting for his power to be restored. He says you can restore power - but not a life.

“We were very fortunate that the storm went a little north of us and because of that, we missed some of the winds.”

Power companies have been working around the clock to make sure they get power restored to the people as soon as possible.

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