Savannah District U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers sending team to Albany

Savannah District U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers sending team to Albany

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Federal resources are being mobilized right here in the coastal empire to help communities in southwest Georgia .. with what Albany’s city manager referred to as a utility crisis.

A team from the Savannah District office of the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers hit the road earlier today, with a mission of helping to restore power and some normalcy to storm victims in any way they can.

The group of 13 volunteers leaving Savannah today for Albany brings with them a lot of valuable experience, project management skills that will help those trying to restore power to critical sites like hospitals, nursing homes and public utilities.

Loading up gear and listening in on a final briefing, these volunteers prepare for an important job ahead.

“Their mission is to sites that are prioritized by the state so that they can set up temporary power at those facilities," said Colonel Daniel Hibner, Commander of the Savannah District for the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers.

Colonel Hibner says typically the state puts anything vital to life, health and safety at the top of the list.

The Temporary Emergency Power Team is one of seven in the Army Corps of Engineers, and is heading to the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany to an incident staging area.

There, they will work with FEMA and the Defense Logistics Agency to inventory more than 50 generators of different sizes and determine where they are needed most.

“So they come in, they’ll do assessments of generator needs. And when we figure out what type of generator it we pull one from the pool that we have from FEMA, and we go and do the install," said David Peterson, Chief of Emergency Management for the Savannah District of the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers.

Peterson says they haven’t gotten any direct orders to do the installs just yet, but they’ll be close if needed.

He said, “We’re the federal government. So we don’t just roll in, we’ve come on the invitation of the state to FEMA. And the Corps Of Engineers works for FEMA, and if FEMA tells us to do something, we’re going to do it as quickly as possible to help those communities that are suffering.”

The team leader anticipates they’ll be in Albany for about ten days.

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