Toombs County church damaged by Hurricane Michael

Toombs County church damaged by Hurricane Michael

TOOMBS COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Many states and communities are still trying to comprehend and assess the damage that Hurricane Michael left behind.

The storm is being planned for at least 13 deaths, and the death toll is expected to rise. Michael has caused devastation to several communities, including parts of Southwest Georgia.

A church in Toombs County was damaged as Michael moved though the Coastal Empire. The church’s exterior doesn’t show the catastrophe inside or the other catastrophe this same church has already weathered.

Oasis Church of God overcame fire seven years ago when someone burned it to the ground to hide a burglary. The church moved and built a new campus five years ago to start fresh. Hurricane Michael pulled away part of the roof and dumped inches of water to ruin ceilings, walls, and floors.

“It’s a devastating thing to see the House of God, the place you worship, like this,” said Gilbert Womack, Pastor. “The debris, the rubble, it touches your heart.”

Just like before, he’s grateful and amazed at the way church members have pulled together. They’ve pulled away damage and debris to get ready for repairs. He considers it a miracle that the largest room - the sanctuary - suffered no damage.

“The Book of Isaiah says God will be with us through the flood, through the fire, through the river,” Womack said. “We’ve had two. Hopefully, we don’t have to go through the river.”

Just like before, he says the church is the people and not the building, and this church will move forward.

The pastor says they may have to double up some classrooms Sunday morning, but the service schedule will go on as planned.

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