Tourists, locals react to googly eyes on Nathaniel Greene statue

Tourists, locals react to googly eyes on Nathaniel Greene statue

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Whoever put googly eyes on Nathaniel Greene’s statue in Johnson Square remains a mystery. But the City of Savannah, along with Savannah Police, say they are determined to find out who vandalized the historic monument.

“They were a little extra," said Trenton Harris. "Like they climbed the fence. Went through the bushes just for a pair of googly eyes.”

The city of Savannah put this post on Facebook on Thursday looking for the googly eyed bandit. They say that this is no laughing matter.

“I don’t know who they were trying to get to laugh but it worked obviously because I laughed,” Harris sasid.

But locals and tourists say they don’t think it’s that serious and they are just plastic eyes that can be popped off.

“It was just all in jest," said Nina Carney, who was visiting Savannah. "I don’t know if someone needs to get into so much trouble for that sort of thing especially since Savannah has the ghost stories and it’s Halloween and it’s kind of just like the era of the town.”

“If wind and rain and hurricanes can’t damage the statue, I don’t think a pair of googly eyes is gonna damage it either," said Harris. "I mean they act like bugs don’t fly into it. That’s the same thing.”

Savannah Police say that they have filed a police report. They have yet to make an arrest, and have not identified any suspects.

“You know, do you boo," said Harris. "Keep doing what you doing like you’re like on the borderline of like harmful versus criminal. I was would say like just keep doing what you’re doing. Ain’t nobody gone catch you.”

Whoever put the googly eyes on the Nathaniel Greene statue, the city of Savannah and Savannah police department are looking for you.

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