Jury trial set to begin for 3 men accused in killing of Rebecca Foley, 2 others in killing of James Pastures

Rebecca Foley trial begins Monday

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Nearly six years since a Savannah State University student was shot and killed sitting in her car outside her apartment, the men accused of doing it will face a jury.

The jury trial is scheduled to begin Monday, Oct. 22 for three suspects charged for Foley’s murder in January of 2013. Roderick Parrish, Kevin Smith, and Jordan Campbell are facing malice and felony murder charges for their alleged role in her death. Foley was found in her Southside apartment complex parking lot, fatally shot while in her car.

It’s a complex trial that involves another murder and victim as well. There are actually five defendants in the trial. Three are charged with Foley’s death, and two are charged in the 2015 murder of James Pastures. Also being tried are Henry Speaks and Shacqueal Sanders, who are charged with Pastures' murder. He was found shot to death outside an apartment on East 51st Street.

The trial actually started for the five men back in November of 2016, but was stopped by the presiding judge because the attorney representing Kevin Smith wanted a statement his client made to police in 2013, saying he bought a gun from Roderick Parrish, removed from evidence. The significance is the gun was later matched as the gun used to kill Rebecca Foley. The state appealed, and that appeal went to the Georgia Supreme Court, who returned a decision that the jury will hear the statement.

The Foley and Pastures cases are being prosecuted together, and over the course of the next two weeks, we expect to hear why in the opening statements as well as evidence as the trial moves forward.

We will be in contact with the Chatham County Court System to let you know of any updates or changes.

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