Islands’ Deloach named Under Armour All-American

Shark star will play against elite talent in Orlando in January

Islands’ Deloach named Under Armour All-American
Islands linebacker Kalen Deloach holds up his All-American jersey with Sharks' head coach Robert Zoller. (Source: Wallace, Jake)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Julio Jones. AJ Green. Jadeveon Clowney. They’re some of football’s biggest stars.

Now, a Savannah high school football standout has joined their ranks as an Under Armour All-American.

Islands star Kalen Deloach was awarded his All-American status this morning, and invited to play in January’s Under Armour All-American Game in Orlando.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity," Deloach says. "I get to show my talent and get to show where I’m from on live TV in front of everybody.”

The future Florida State Seminole is a standout linebacker and running back for the Sharks, and has earned offers from some of the most powerful programs in college football.

For Deloach, being an All-American is just another way to represent himself and those around him.

Islands star linebacker Kalen Deloach takes a selfie with a teammate during his All-American ceremony.
Islands star linebacker Kalen Deloach takes a selfie with a teammate during his All-American ceremony. (Source: Wallace, Jake)

“I’ve worked hard at it, because I wanted to make a name for myself," Deloach says. "When I make a name for myself, I also make a name for my school. So it’s a big honor.”

Deloach will now prepare to play against elite talent from across the country. As his head coach Robert Zoller points out, only the best of the best are invited to play in this game each year.

Many of those who once took the field for the Under Armour Game are now some of the best in the NFL.

“Over 50 first round draft picks in the last seven years [have played in this game]," Zoller says. "It just shows the type of talent that has been selected.”

Deloach says he's looking forward to taking the field and showing the nation what he's capable of. As for what he hopes to do, it sounds like he'll be taking Coach Zoller's advice.

“Number one, have fun," Zoller says. "Number two, play fast.”

“Just play the best I can. Just do the best I can," Deloach says. "Do what I do best and have a good time.”

The Under Armour All-American Game is January 3 in Orlando. The game will air live on ESPN2.

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