GA/FL Showdown: Stadium guidelines, parking info

GA/FL Showdown: Stadium guidelines, parking info

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The highly-anticipated Georgia-Florida game is finally here, and thousands of fans are making their way to Jacksonville for the showdown.

While you’re making your plans for game time, it’s important to keep in mind what you can and cannot take into EverBank Stadium. Below is a list of items that will not be permitted:

  • No purses or bags larger than 12 x 16 x 12 inches
  • No cameras with lenses longer than six inches
  • No coolers or containers including cans, cups, and bottles
  • No strollers or umbrellas
  • No pets (except special services)
  • No food or beverages from outside the stadium
  • No seat cushions
  • No video or audio recorders
  • No whistles, noisemakers, air horns, or laser pointers
  • No poles or sticks
  • No knives, guns, or any type of weapons or explosives
  • No smoking (except in designated areas)
  • No promotional materials
  • Any other item deemed unacceptable by stadium management

Parking Information: To ensure that traffic flows smoothly, golf carts and motorized scooters that are not street legal will not be permitted in the Sports Complex area or surrounding parking lots or streets leading to the Jacksonville Landing. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has the right to shut down all golf carts due to traffic issues and safety concerns. Only authorized golf carts will be permitted in the area on Friday, Oct. 26 and Saturday, Oct. 27.

Parking map below:

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