Appling County student arrested for leaving threatening note

Appling County student arrested for terroristic threats

APPLING COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - A note from an Appling County High School student sent him to jail in what school leaders classified as a threat.

The won’t say what it said, but they’re taking it and other threats seriously. We spoke with Superintendent Dr. Scarlett Copeland who says she wasn’t at liberty to discuss any details beyond what they’ve already released.

The school district posted Monday night that they’d been told that a student left a note they took as a threat. School resource officers and Baxley Police investigating and charged the student with terroristic threats. The post assured parents the situation was isolated and posed no threats. This come a little more than a month since a student at the high school brought a gun to school and took his own life.

The superintendent reiterated that they’re taking any threat seriously, whether specific or vague, to the point of getting police involved, and in this case, an arrest. She also assured parents that this arrest does not mean they have more problems than other districts in the state.

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