Don’t Be a Victim: Electronic card skimming

Don't Be a Victim: Electronic card skimming

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - With more people using the option of shopping online, it’s important to make sure the wrong people don’t get your credit card information.

Hackers recently targeted several major corporations and successfully stole hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers. Security experts are now revealing how they did it. Last month, British Airways announced a major breach of its website.

“This was a very sophisticated criminal attack," said Alex Cruz, Chairman & CEO, British Airways.

Around 380,000 card payments over a two-week period were compromised. The hackers grabbed names, street and email addresses, credit card numbers, and even security codes.

“We only see this grow which is a problem.”

According to RiskIQ, one group of hackers was able to manipulate codes inside the British Airways' website so when customers purchased a ticket, the hackers also received the payment information. Thousands of websites, including Ticketmaster and electronics seller Newegg have been victims of Magecart, either directly or through third party payment processors.

“What they go after is people who do online transactions, so, payment transactions,” said Yonathan Klijnsma, RiskIQ Security Company.

The best thing you can do is check your finances on a regular basis.

“Keep an eye on your credit card. Make sure that there aren’t any random payments or anything like that,” said Alfred Ng, CNET.

Ng advises calling your credit card company immediately if you notice any unauthorized purchases. Try to be smart, follow some of the tips suggested here, and don’t be a victim.

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