WTOC sits down for one-on-one interview with Brian Kemp

Updated: Oct. 31, 2018 at 5:11 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As we count down to Election Day, WTOC is committed to bringing you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

WTOC sat down with Republican gubernatorial candidate, Brian Kemp, for an exclusive interview to ask him about everything from voting rights, to crime and gun violence as well as immigration.

It’s hard to turn on the TV or look at your phone these days and not see images undocumented immigrants trying to illegally cross our border and protests on both sides of the controversial heated debate. Just about everyone has an opinion and Brian Kemp stands with President Donald Trump on this issue.

“We need to secure our borders. We need to reform the whole immigration system which is why I support Senator David Perdue’s bill to end chain immigration. We have an order in the system for people to legally immigrate to our nation. I support legal immigration. We also have to reform the guest worker program for agricultural workers. They are antiquated. There’s a lot of red tape, and it’s very expensive,” Kemp said.

Gun violence is also a huge problem in our nation, and just as polarizing. According to the National Gun Violence Archive, there have been nearly 40,000 gun violence incidents so far this year, leading to nearly 10,000 deaths and close to 20,000 injuries. Kemp says he’ll tackle it without adding more regulations on legal gun buyers. He plans to go after drug cartels and gangs.

“I have two plans to go after the drug cartels,” Kemp said. “I work with people on the ground like District Attorney Meg Heap and Vic Reynolds to go after street gangs. We are going to fund a database that the legislature created eight years ago to make sure that we can track these gang members and tear down the silos between information flow between the prosecutors. Let local and state law enforcement go after these individuals and shut them down as well as provide resources from the state for training and other things like creating the street gang task force. Lastly, empower the Attorney General’s Office. When asked, folks who don’t have the ability like a Meg Heap and Vic Reynolds can ask for help on prosecutions of street gangs in our state when needed.”

Brian Kemp did not shy away from talking about the state election system even though there are lawsuits pending accusing him of trying to suppress the vote. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, 214 precincts across the state have closed since 2012, all while Kemp was Secretary of State. He says he’s saving taxpayer money while civil rights groups maintain he’s suppressing the vote, especially in minority communities.

“As Secretary of State, we have made elections more accessible than ever by creating online registration, and 800,000 more people on our voter rolls than we have ever had,” Kemp said. “Nobody has more secure and accessible fair elections than in the State of Georgia.”

"If Kemp is the next governor, he promises to do exactly what he told us he would do.

“First thing, I’m going to put a Georgia First Committee together,” Kemp said. “We will look at cutting government regulations, reforming government, and lowering taxes. We are going to start moving immediately to come up with an education plan for our pay raise. We will be working on the rural hospital tax and also our other health care plans. We are going to move the needle and strengthen rural Georgia.”

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