Consider This: Go Vote

Consider This: Go Vote

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There’s an old axiom that goes everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it. It seems these days that the same can be said of our politics.

Based on my Facebook feed, it seems everyone is complaining about politics these days, but an alarming few are doing anything about it.

Hopefully that will change this week as the mid-term elections will give those who vote a voice and a say in where our woefully politically divided country goes from here.

We’re now two years into the Trump Administration and seemingly exactly half the people are thrilled in the direction we’re heading, while the other half appears to be disenfranchised.

So now it is up to us to get off social media and do our civic duty. There is nothing more American, more patriotic than exercising our right to vote. A right people have fought for. A right many have died for.

Based on early voting turnout, it does look like there will be record turnout for this midterm election, but still, far too many people are willing to sit the election out.

Consider this: It is time for everyone to put up or shut up, and maybe just a little of both. If you don’t vote in this election, then your views on our political climate are inconsequential. And no matter which party prevails come Wednesday morning, remember, you still serve all of us, just not the half who voted for you.

It will not be a time for gloating and celebration, it will be a time for leadership, something many of our politicians seem to be lacking these days.

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