Good News: Memorial Health Robotics

Good News: Memorial Health Robotics

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Wednesday, the doctors from Memorial Health shared an expertise that they are particularly qualified to pass along.

Memorial Health hosted students from the Medical College of the Lowcountry for a training session on robotic surgery - a formal introduction to the DaVinci X-I Robot which is used in minimaly-invasive surgery at Memorial.

The students getting the hands-on opportunity to use the DaVinci robot are studying to be surgical technicians and will assist in surgeries using the technology.

“They are in the beginning of their training to become surgical technicians,” said Dr. Oliver Whipple, Memorial Operating Room, Medical Director. “This is a piece of equipment that has become more and more common in all of the operating rooms throughout the U.S. and so this is what they will be working with moving forward. It’s not very prevalent and that’s one of the reasons we are trying to do this to get these students up to speed so they’ll be ready to use this equipment once they graduate and come into the operating room.”

Memorial has used the DiVinci X-I in its operating room for more than five years.

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