Top Teacher: Maggie Taylor, Bryan County Elementary

Top Teacher: Maggie Taylor

BRYAN COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - It takes patience and a positive attitude to be an effective teacher, and Maggie Taylor has the right amount of both.

Taylor is an encouraging voice in the classroom. She teaches inclusion classes for 4th grade students at Bryan County Elementary.

“I hope they see me as their biggest cheerleader for academic growth outside of school. If they are struggling, they can come to me and will do what I can help, and just encourage them in anything they do in life,” she said.

Taylor has been teaching for almost a decade in Georgia.

“Even as a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher, I always been passionate about learning. I would even go to my Granny’s and read her encyclopedia,” she said. “I had great teachers growing up, who were passionate about what they taught. I think that really just inspired me to want me to be a teacher.”

Taylor says she loves learning and hopes to instill that in her students.

“For the most part, it’s such a joy when you have been working on a concept, and all of a sudden the light bulb goes off, and you can see the joy across their face when they finally understand that concept.”

And also understanding that the sky is the limit in what they can do.

“I really want them to know there will be people who tell them they cant do it or not good enough, but they are good enough, They can do anything they dream,” Taylor said.

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