Savannah Fire investigates after dangerous blaze condemns 2 homes

Savannah Fire investigates after dangerous blaze condemns 2 homes

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A Saturday morning fire destroyed two historic homes in downtown Savannah, and nine people are now without a home.

Savannah Fire investigators say they thankfully don’t see fires this bad that often, but the damage is making it harder for them to figure out what started it.

"When you have damage like this where you have collapse, I mean even finding an accurate area where the fire started becomes more of a challenge, so it’s definitely more of a challenge for us,” said Fred Anderson, Chief Investigator with Savannah Fire.

Anderson says that’s why he isn’t sure how long this investigation will take.

He says he has some theories about how any why this vacant home on West 37th street caught fire, but says both are still officially undetermined.

The home, which neighbors say the Historic Savannah Foundation recently bought, was engulfed when firefighters arrived, and the fire spread to the home next door.

A few of those who ran from that fire in the middle of the night were back today picking up what they could, but said they were too emotional to speak about it.

That property owner says the whole left side of the home is a total loss.

Condemned signs now hang on both homes, and while Anderson says it’s not a firefighters job to figure out if anything can be saved, he says it doesn’t look like it.

“Just looking at it, probably not,” Anderson said. "I mean, when you have collapses, I mean you have complete wall collapse and the floors are burned out in a lot of areas. I would say probably not a whole lot salvageable.”

Because the damage inside was so extensive, he’s asking anyone who was on the outside and may have seen something that could help investigators to give them a call.

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