Good News: 10-year-old designs Christmas cards for good causes

Good News: 10-year-old designs Christmas cards for good causes

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - A 10-year-old artist and football fan has a unique way to help college athletes for his favorite team.

Harrison Broadwell’s skills extend beyond football. He’s also an artist who designs Christmas cards each year to benefit others. This year, his art blended with his love of Georgia Southern football and his favorite coach’s signature move.

“I drew a folding chair, like the one Mr. Chad uses when he holds it and then smashes it down,” Broadwell said.

Three years ago, we showed you his first card and how the family used it to raise money for a cause. This year, he learned from the Lunsfords about Athletes in Action, where student-athletes go on mission trips to deliver fresh water supplies to underdeveloped countries.

“We wanted to be able to help out in some way and they offered us info about Athletes in Action,” said Harrison’s mom, Mandy Broadwell.

“You think about somebody having a servant heart, and that’s the most amazing thing about Harrison and these cards is he wants to help,” said Matt Wise, Campus Director, AIA.

If the cards are as popular as usual, Harrison could be helping athletes help others this spring.

Harrison’s cards debut next week at several stores in Statesboro and at the downtown Farmer’s Market’s “Shopping by Lantern Light” sale, Tuesday night.

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