Top Teacher: Anna Kate Mahany, Marshpoint Elementary School

Top Teacher: Anna Kate Mahany

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - This week’s WTOC Top Teacher says it’s been an adventurous year.

4th Grade teacher Anna Kate Mahany may not have a permanent classroom right now at Marshpoint Elementary School because of Mother Nature, but she has deep roots dug in at the school, building a strong foundation for the future.

It was a nice surprise for Anna Kate Mahany, just as her career in teaching has been to her.

“I come from a family of teachers. My mom is a teacher, all 4th Grade teachers; that’s the best. Actually, I thought I was never going to be a teacher. After I graduated, I learned very quickly that I made a mistake,” Mahany said.

She went back to get her degree in teaching and ended up at the school she went to.

“Marshpoint is the school I attended. I was here the year it opened,” she said.

There have been big changes at her school this year. In July, Marshpoint was hit by a tornado and her 4th Grade class is still one of the displaced classrooms at the school. She’s teaching it out of the computer lab.

“It has been an adventurous year. When I think of them, I think about how far they come we’ve come in just a few short weeks. I think about how flexible they are because we are not in a normal classroom,” Mahany said.

Her classroom might look different, but she says the school spirit is the same as it was when she went here.

“I was very fortunate and have some amazing teachers. One of those was Dawn Wooten. She was here when I started teaching here. She taught me in the 5th Grade, I remember to this day how much she loved me and how excited I was to come to school everyday,” she said.

Helping her children feel that love by building a relationship with them is the most important thing Mahany can do.

“If I don’t have a solid relationship with them that they can trust me, then we are going to get nowhere as the year progresses,” she said.

“She makes learning fun. She’s nice and she’s sweet and she’s always smiling,” said student, Hayden Jennings.

This is Mahany’s fourth year teaching at Marshpoint, and she says the school is like a family, and everyone is willing to lend a hand for she and her students.

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