Statesboro PD warning citizens to lock vehicles

Statesboro PD warning citizens to lock vehicles

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - From offices to apartments, you see rows of cars around Statesboro, but how many drivers lock their cars and how many leave them open?

WTOC: “How often do you lock your car?”

Curtis Sproul: “Every time, no matter what. It’s a force of habit. Keyless entry makes it easy.”

So far this year, Statesboro Police have had 212 reports of entering autos, but 184 of them, almost 90 percent, were left unlocked.

“We’re just asking people to use the locks that come with the car. Just push the button,” said Chief Mike Broadhead, Statesboro Police.

Chief Broadhead urges drivers to keep cars locked to save themselves the headache and save police time and money.

Let’s do the math. With 184 preventable crimes, that averages to about four per week. Each one takes officers about one hour to handle. That’s 184 hours Statesboro Police could be doing something else.

The chief says locking the doors will send crooks looking for somebody who hasn’t.

“It tells me there are people out there that are doing that - they’re checking every car and playing the numbers until they find one,” Curtis said.

Curtis says that one won’t be his.

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