Good News: Philharmonic in the Streetz

Good News: Philharmonic in the Streetz

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Classical music can be more accessible in a non-classical setting - and it was this weekend.

The Streetz led inside, but the music still got where it was supposed to go.

“Our whole goal is to get our audiences excited about music and we also want to reach audiences that wouldn’t be in a symphony hall,” said musician, Erin Cassel, Savannah Philharmonic.

The "Philharmonic in the Streetz'' program visited the Greenbriar Children’s Center Sunday, with Savannah Philharmonic musicians brightening a rainy day by blending classical and contemporary music for an audience that also spanned all ages.

“The children are being exposed, but not only the children, but adults from the community and from the neighborhood, are being exposed to music they normally would not have been,” said Gena Taylor, Greenbriar Children’s Center, Executive Director.

“Not everyone has the opportunity to come to the theater and not everyone knows to come to the theater, so for us, part of our mission is, we take music to the neighborhood and to the people - and what better way to bring people together than with live music,” said Terri O’Neil, Savannah Philharmonic, Executive Director.

This Streetz event benefited Greenbriar and the neighborhoods around the center, but, as usual, enhanced the Philharmonic’s impact on the entire community.

“It’s magical. It just makes this happen between people.”

“Greenbriar is a special friend of ours. They do good work in the community with children, and we just thought it was a great way for us all to come together and celebrate community through music.”

“Even before in the rain, people were having a wonderful, exciting time and that’s what music does.”

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