Candler Co. Sheriff’s Office cracking down on drivers using cell phones

Candler County Sheriff's Office cracking down on drivers using cell phones

CANDLER COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - The traffic on I-16 in Southeast Georgia is picking up as millions of Americans hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sheriff’s deputies we spoke to in Candler County have a particular caution for those on the road there and anywhere else: put down the phone to improve your chances of getting to your holiday destination.

Deputies are out on the road in unmarked vehicles, looking for drivers on their phones. They’re alerting patrolmen in marked cars to pull over those drivers and write tickets. This marks the first Thanksgiving holiday under Georgia’s distracted driving laws. The deputy we spoke with says they’re trying to make money, and they’re trying to get people to focus on the road, whether they see a patrol car or not.

“They see no police cars. They think the coast is clear and they go back to what they always do and that’s driving and texting and driving and talking on the phone,” said Capt. Jamey O’Brien, Candler County Sheriff’s Office.

Capt. O’Brien says plenty of other counties are doing the same thing this weekend. He urges drivers to be safe on the road, if for no other reason than to avoid the ticket.

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