Top Teacher: Jill Elton, Savannah Christian

WTOC's Top Teacher

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -This week’s Top Teacher makes it a point to go above and beyond to make her students feel welcome at school.

We were able to surprise Pre-k teacher Jill Elton with our WTOC Top Teacher Award, but nothing compared to the moment when the parents of the child who nominated her walked in. This is why our award has special meaning, because that pat on the back isn’t from us, it’s from the students and parents that nominate our teachers.

“You see how much the parents are involved,” Elton said. “And they want their children to succeed and have sacrificed a lot because this education is not free. There are other great schools out there. but because of God and because of the love we show them, they choose us and we are thankful that they do.”

Elton has been teaching for 21 years, the last 11 at Savannah Christian.

“My grandmother was a teacher, she taught for 29 years at Pooler Elementary,” Elton said. “I went to school, thought I was going to be a nurse, then I held my first chemistry class and thought ‘nope, this is not for me’.”

What she found instead was a calling to help children.

“You have to show them that you love them, unconditionally,” said Elton. “Even if we make mistakes it’s ok. and we learn from our mistakes and keep on going.”

“She loves her job very much,” said Melissa James, a parent whose child is in the class. “We could tell a smile on her face everyday. Mckinley has a wonderful time at Savannah Christian.”

“It is a new adventure everyday,” said Elton. “School is important, and that it is fun. We want to make it fun everyday they come in."

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