WTOC Cookbook: Bari Soash’s Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

WTOC Cookbook: Bari Soash’s Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Here’s my mom’s cheesy mashed potato recipe. My mom hand writes all of her recipes and gave my siblings and I hand-written copies of all her favorites. I have made this every year at Thanksgiving for the past decade. It’s very simple but gives you some extra creaminess to your mashed potatoes!


  • 5 to 6 potatoes               
  • 1 3oz cream cheese 
  • garlic powder                   
  • butter  
  • 1 pint sour cream 


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
  • Peel potatoes, cut into four pieces. 
  • Boil until done. (Usually about 15 minutes of boiling.) 
  • Drain off water. 
  • Add sour cream, mixing with electric mixer. 
  • Cut cream cheese into chunks adding one at a time to mixture. 
  • Add add a dab of garlic powder. 
  • Put into greased casserole dish and dab top of potatoes with pats of butter. 
  • Place in oven just until butter melts and lightly browned. 

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