Good News: WTOC’s Day of Giving pays off on Thanksgiving

Good News: WTOC's Day of Giving

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Your generosity has helped make this a Happy Thanksgiving for Coastal Empire families in need.

The food donated during WTOC’s Day of Giving last week is already reaching tables across the region.

The race didn’t end when the results came in for WTOC’s 4th Annual Day of Giving. It was only the beginning of seeing the food Savannah gave so generously get to the families who needed it.

That will continue for weeks at America’s Second Harvest Food Bank, where the almost 5,000 pounds of non-perishable items collected at the Mall Boulevard Kroger last Thursday went - but where that food will remain rather temporarily as it quickly goes where there is a need.

“There is a huge need here. 64 percent of kids in Coastal Georgia are food insecure,” said Paula Hall, America’s Second Harvest, Special Events Coordinator. “We serve over 300 agencies in 21 counties, so that will replenish the shelves. That may carry us through the month of December, but it will definitely keep us replenished as we go through to next year.”

While it’s easy to be thankful this Thanksgiving Thursday for the help last week’s food drive provided, it is important to remember that the reason for it continues.

“Every day, every day we’re open, Monday to Friday,” Hall said. “We are always busy. We’re pushing food, we’ve moved over 14 million pounds of food this year. The truth is, we’re hungry all year long. We love to help now, but we are in need all year long, but this is a very, very busy time for us.”

It’s a time when Savannah once again stepped up to help fight hunger.

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