Habitat for Humanity enables 143 working families to become homeowners

Habitat for Humanity enables 143 working families to become homeowners

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Habitat for Humanity has been housing people since 1983. It has enabled 143 working families to become homeowners.

They say they have also produced 38 college graduates and give of them have graduate degrees. They say one of their favorite things about this season of giving is being able to put a roof over someone’s head, and they have done that for 143 families.

Habitat for Humanity projected an annual economic impact of $2.5 million on the Chatham County economy.

Ms. Bertha welcomed WTOC’s Crystal Howard into her Habitat home.

“When people walk through my door, it’s like 'Welcome,” Ms. Bertha said.

She has lived in her home for 17 years. Today, she is thankful to say she worked hard to pay off her mortgage, but it didn’t happen without time, discipline, and helping to build the foundation there is now.

She told us her journey started when she lived in a low-income area riddled with crime. She thought her living situation would never improve until she found out about the Habitat program.

“Nobody was in the office but this particular lady and she gave me the application, and all of a sudden, when I was filling out the application, she walked over and prayed for me,” Ms. Bertha said.

A prayer from a stranger that would lay the foundation for the rest of her life.

Today, 39 out of 143 Habitat homeowners have already paid off their mortgage - Ms. Bertha being one of them.

“Well the Lord blessed me and I called Ms. Campbell and told her to get my papers ready, so I paid off my house,” she said.

She told us how the roof over her head that she got to personalize - definitely didn’t come free. She worked for it and worked on it.

“It’s nothing free. Nothing free. While you’re working on your houses, that makes you appreciate it all the more.”

Ms. Bertha Hill says getting to where she is wasn’t free, but now she’s thankful she gets to live mortgage free.

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