Black Friday deals kick off early with Gray Thursday in the Coastal Empire

Shoppers gearing up for Black Friday

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Even though Black Friday is known for its door buster deals, the holiday shopping frenzy has grown so much it’s seeped over to Thanksgiving. Some call it Gray Thursday.

“You wouldn’t believe me but I got here at 4:30 yesterday. The line was crazy last year, so I wanted to be the first person in line this year,” said Ryan Dobbs, who camped out Wednesday night for the Thursday evening deals. “Well I’m Christmas shopping, so I wanted to get exactly what I had on my list.”

A line from the door of the Best Buy on Abercorn Street trailed down the sidewalk to the other end of the shopping center Thursday afternoon.

Many posted outdoors with tents, camp chairs, and blankets told WTOC, shoppers better have a list before getting to the door.

“You have to know what you want, or else what is the point of waiting in line?” asked Justin Armetta, who had been waiting in line for over two hours.

Thousands of customers are rushing to get the deals in shopping centers all over after their meals, getting into the holiday feels.

“I was in line for about two hours, and got here just in time," said early shopper, Ryan Williams. "Also got the last TV for the door buster as well.”

For the latest deals, shopping hours, and door buster steals, stores in the Coastal Empire recommend checking their websites and apps.

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