Good News: Savannah Harbor Foundation gives back

Good News: Savannah Harbor Foundation gives back
(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -The Savannah Harbor Foundation, which supports children’s charities in the Coastal Empire, started the season of giving off early.

It’s a pretty good drive that carries all the way from Hutchinson Island to Waters Avenue.

“it’s just great to see the smiles on these nurses' faces,” said Rex Cress, the founder of Coke Kids Classic golf tournament. “Because these are things they’ve been wanting and needing for a long time.”

And the Savannah Harbor Foundation delivered, dropping off toys for kids at the Duane and Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital, including items that were purchased with money raised through Rex Cress’s Coke Kids Classic golf tournament in September.

“These children are going through a difficult time and if we can provide a little smile on their face and some hope and holiday cheer, that’s what it’s all about,” said Mark Spadoni, the President Emeritus of Savannah Harbor Foundation. “We had a list and we checked it twice, like Santa, and it was just wonderful that we could get it and it’s just heartwarming.”

Because of changes at Memorial Health, the hospital can no longer accept the cash donation usually made through the Kids Classic. So, Cress had some holiday shopping to do.

“I came up here a couple of months ago and I walked in and talked to the nurses and said ’what do you girls need. We can’t give you money, what do you need?'”said Cress. “And they said they need some things that are not in the budget.”

And in addition to a lot of toys that will brighten a lot of Christmases, Monday’s donation included items that will help at the hospital year-round.

“This is a mama roo,” explained Heather Newsome, the Executive Director of the Willet Children’s Hospital. “It’s a fancy swing for those of use who had babies years ago. But, really, we use it to comfort the babies when they’re here. So, it will rock, it will move back and forth and vibrate.”

As for-profit organization now, Memorial and the Children’s Hospital can no longer accept cash donations.

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