Richmond Hill Nursery gives tips on how to protect plants from cold


SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Landmarks Nursery says it is important to protect plants when cold weather breezes through.

Jeffrey Marks of landmarks nursery has nursed plants for years. A hobby of his is sharing his knowledge of keeping plants healthy.

Marks said cold weather will kill blooms, and some plants can be saved and others cannot.

Plants that can’t be moved can be covered with lightweight fabric, so the temperatures won’t drop as low under the guard when the freeze goes into effect.

“The frost will do more damage than the cold," Marks said.

He said temperatures below 30 degrees are normally when frost happens.

Some flowers like perennials will just die off in the winte,r and it’s better for them to naturally die off.

“There is tropical hibiscus that people use," Marks said. “They need to be moved inside. Covered and mulched really well and I always suggest watering them.”

He said plants either need to be moved inside or gardeners should wet the dirt in the pot right before the freeze. The water will freeze and protect the root system.

The staff at Landmarks Nursery said they always keep watch on the weather to make sure they are protecting their plants and other people should do the same, especially if they are leaving plants outside.

“They definitely have to cover it or it’s gon turn brown and die,” Mark said.

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