Town of Bluffton prepping for annual tree lighting, Christmas Parade

Town of Bluffton preparing for Christmas Parade

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - The Town of Bluffton is prepping for a big weekend of Christmas spirit.

The lighting of the Christmas tree will be held Friday night ahead of the big parade on Saturday morning. With this weekend’s forecast, officials want you to know these events are happening rain or shine.

Bluffton Police say you could start to see cones and barricades Friday night. They say it’s so they are just one step ahead Saturday morning when they put them in place for road closures.

Around 250 bands, clubs, and churches will walk or ride through the mile-and-a-half long parade route. Police say they are also making preps that aren’t just traffic related.

“Making sure that there are no cars coming through when the parade route is going on, and things like that," said Cpt. Joe Babkiewicz, Bluffton Police Department. "We also have scattered police officers through out the parade route in case there are missing children or if we see any safety issues that we need to address, we’ll address there on scene.”

The parade starts at 10 a.m. Saturday - rain or shine.

Signs of Christmas are already present in downtown Bluffton, but the annual Christmas tree lighting Friday will be the ultimate kick off for the town.

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