Southeast Georgia schools re-open after heavy rain closed roads

Southeast Georgia schools closed due to poor road conditions

TATTNALL COUNTY., GA (WTOC) - UPADTE: Tattnall and Evans County schools will resume classes beginning on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Some Southeast Georgia schools were closed Monday and will remain closed Tuesday due to poor road conditions.

Tattnall and Evans County schools will be closed again on Tuesday as roads in those areas were affected by heavy rain.

Jim Rowe Hightower Road is one of 19 roads in Tattnall County that are closed due to flooding rains from over the weekend that finally came to a halt Sunday night. The water still flowed over what’s left of Alexander Mill Pond Road. A few miles way, a creek gushed across Stoney Brook Way. All people can do is look in disbelief.

“As it kept raining through the night, I knew it was flooding because we could hear the water flowing from the front porch,” said neighbor, Brenda Jones.

County crews say more than a dozen additional roads saw hours of flooding, but no damage.

“We’re actually in the neighborhood of 30 roads that are at least partially affected by this,” said Walt Rogers, Tattnall County EMA.

He worries the flood waters will continue to flow from upstream, and county crews can’t get a real picture of the damage until it’s gone. Even when it does go away, crews aren’t sure what they’ll find left behind. That’s why schools that closed Monday are being cautious about whether they’ll reopen Tuesday because they’ve got to navigate the roads with school buses and they want to keep students safe.

The following school districts have decided to cancel classes for students on Tuesday, Dec. 4:

  • Tattnall County Schools will remain closed for students on Tuesday, Dec. 4. All staff will report at normal times.
  • Evans County Schools will remain closed for students on Tuesday, Dec. 4. Employees should report at 9 a.m.
  • Ware County Schools will remain closed Tuesday.
  • Pierce County Schools will remain closed Tuesday.
  • Brantley County Schools will remain closed Tuesday.


Toombs County Schools tell us they will resume classes on Tuesday.

Toombs County also named the following street closures as a result of flooded or washed out roads:

  • Roderick Clifton Road
  • Alex Hardwick Rd (washed out in 3 places)
  • Lilliot Road 
  • Levy Cave Road
  • Ernest Webber Road
  • Hillsboro Road
  • Del Conner Road
  • Sam Beasley at The Pond
  • Ross Bowen Road
  • John Dasher (small stream) 
  • Jeff Webber (water flowing over road) 
  • Cuurie Road at Delma Burke (wash out) 
  • BillBranch between J.P. Edenfield and Highway 86
  • S. Harden Chapel (cut down about 3 feet deep)
  • Currie Road at Henry Wolfe Road (wash out) 
  • James McLain (flooded out) 
  • Toole Road (flooded) 

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