Savannah residents remember former 41st president

Savannah residents remember former 41st president
(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - If you’d like to say your goodbyes to former President George HW Bush or send condolences to his family during this time, you can do so at Fox and Weeks Funeral Home.

Signatures from Savannah, Hilton Head and Port Wentworth already line the pages of George H.W. Bush’s guest book atthe funeral home. Next to it are prayer cards that people can take home.

Co-owner and president Jim Weeks says he’s already signed. Fox and Weeks offered this opportunity earlier this year when his the former president’s wife Barbara passed away.

Weeks says writing down the emotions can help people process them.

“I think it’s cathartic for people to be able to come in and to express that." said Jim Weeks, the co-owner and president of Fox and Weeks. "They have feelings that they have no other way of getting this information to the bush family or anybody else in that family, so I think it’s important. George Bush was just a marvelous representative of the United States, and it makes sense to do that and to thank his family.”

The guest book and prayer cards will be available through mid-December and then will be shipped on to Texas.

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