Local man gathering donations in an effort to reopen Vidalia golf course

Local man gathering donations in an effort to reopen Vidalia golf course

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Rocky Creek Golf Club in Vidalia closed a few years ago. Now, a hometown golfer is trying to get donations to get the course up and running again so young men and women will have the chance to play the sport he loves so much.

“It’s sad to see. I’ve spent so many years out here and met so many people and friends who I am still friends with today. To see it like this it’s kind of sad,” says Rusty Mosley, the leader of the fundraising efforts.

Rusty Mosley grew up in Vidalia playing golf for Vidalia High School on this very course. He went on to play golf for Florida State and then came back to Vidalia where he know lives with his wife and children.

He started the fundraising idea to get the course back up and running so young kids would get the chance to play golf like he did.

“Our boys and girls teams have a strong tradition of winning state championships, and I really believe by the time my son is in high school, we won’t have a high school team and that’s really sad,” Mosley said.

The clubhouse at the course is owned by different owners than the course itself. It is open for special events, but it would help if it had a active golf course around it. Mosley says the course needs a lot of work. He’s spoken to a company about the project and they have already given him a quote.

“We are really close. We have an escrow agreement that should be coming down in the next two or three days, and at that point, we can start asking people for money and there have been some pledges so we have a good start, but we need the checks coming in here very shortly,” Mosley said.

Residents who live on the golf course say they are glad someone has stepped up to help try to reopen the course.

“The course has been used for a lot more than just recreation," says Gary Campbell. "It’s been integral to Vidalia in terms of just offering a venue for charitable tournaments and things like that, raised a lot of money for the community.”

Mosley says the owners of the course and the city of Vidalia are all working together on the project. There’s a lot of work to be done, but he’s hoping if everything goes as planned, they could open the course back up in spring or summer of 2020.

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