Oglethorpe Mall charging for upfront parking

Paying to park closer at Oglethorpe Mall

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Parking close to the Oglethorpe Mall entrance on weekends is now going to cost you.

Lindsay Hahn, a corporate communications representative for the mall’s property management company, said parking in the first two rows closest to an entrance will cost $5. She said the mall rolled out the paid parking on weekends recently to reduce stress for shoppers who value that convenience. She said didn’t know when the program started, how long it will last or how one paid. She said she didn’t know if payment was accepted in person or electronically.

A Facebook post about the mall charging a fee for upfront parking exploded over the weekend because of the spaces some say they took over.

The post, now with hundreds of reactions, comments, and shares blew up because of this photo.

Handicapped parking looks blocked with cones and included in the paid section.

One woman commented she has “a valid handicap tag that stays hanging up, and I was told I still had to pay.” She went on to say she had to eventually park elsewhere.

When we asked the communications representative about the specific post, she said “That’s false; that did not happen,” and, “It’s just not true."

The original post says five sections of accessible parking across the mall were blocked, but the representative was adamant nothing has changed with mall’s spots for those disabilities.

We called a federal Americans with Disabilities Act specialist on Monday to figure out what that law requires for parking. She said private parking lots are required to have a certain number of ADA spots based on the total number of parking spaces in the lot. She said there is no problem having a paid parking section that includes ADA spots, but blocking them off and charging for them without any other choice would likely be considered a surcharge and illegal.

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